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Italian coffee il mio caffè

We would like to present a new brand of coffee „IL MIO CAFFÈ

We tasted much coffe of renowned brands. This allowed us to taste the coffees navigate and identify the best and tastiest coffee.

Under the brand „IL MIO CAFFÈ“ we offer many types of coffees from around the world. Coffee in 100% quality, and always fresh roasted in  a local roastery. We know, it isn't sense to sell syndicate coffee, where it is usually a mixture of lower quality coffee. We always sell only coffee from your selected area.

This coffee is absolutely 100% arabian coffee – ARABICA. Compared with Robusta has a especially much more aroma and taste. Coffee arabica is harder to cultivations and this requires more care and better climate.

When are you gourmets and you like taste a good new things, try very high quality coffee, which you savour for flavored nuance and softness - you love it. Coffee „IL MIO CAFFÈ“.

We hope, that our always fresh roast coffee, you will spend many nice moments and enjoy every sip of this coffee.

We offer this coffee il mio caffè

You can order a coffee or learn informations for any types of coffee when you click of name coffe in this list, which redirect you at e-shop Káva plná

Coffee IL MIO CAFFÈ you can taste in Coffee & Bar Sapfó in street Slezská, Prague. Offer for this day you can see HERE.

Coffee should be hot as a hell, black as the devil, pure as an angel and sweet as love.
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Package 250g or 1 kg

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